Vikash Sharma

The scenes of smugglers racing vehicles to evade cops are not common in movies. A similar act was witnessed on Bhubaneswar outskirts. But the only difference was that the cops overpowered the drug mafia.

As per reports, the Special Crime Unit of the Commissionerate Police arrested three inter-state drug smugglers from Jharkhand and seized 3 quintals of Ganja (dry cannabis) from two luxury vehicles after a chase for 30 km near Pahala area on Sunday.

Twin City Police Commissioner, Sanjeeb Panda on Monday informed that the three peddlers hail from Jharkhand and the prime accused has been identified as Ravi Shankar Das.

According to the Police, Das has been involved in the illegal narcotics trade since long and was arrested in the past as well. Jharkhand Police has been contacted to collect more information regarding his involvement in other crimes, said Panda.

Procurement Of Ganja

The Twin City Police Commissioner informed that the inter-state peddlers had procured Ganja from Malkangiri and wanted to dispose of the consignment in Kolkata.

Gang Used Luxury Cars And Press Logo

The gang had adopted a different modus operandi to evade suspicion, informed the Twin City Police Commissioner.

According to Panda, the criminals had put up Press stickers on their vehicles to evade suspicion. Moreover, they were also changing vehicle registration plates at regular intervals.

Secret Chambers In Vehicles

The gang had modified the vehicles and created special chambers. These were used to stash Ganja consignment and transport them from one place to the other.

A Big Syndicate?

The Commissionerate Police suspects the involvement of a big syndicate behind the Ganja smuggling racket. All the three accused will be brought on a three-day remand to elicit more information about other gang members.

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