Cassian Baliarsingh

In a shocking incident, a third-year student killed himself after shooting his girlfriend at Noida-based Shiv Nadar University. The students have been identified as Anuj Kumar and Sneha Chaurasia. 

Anuj Kumar had recorded a ‘My suicide note’ video before the incident and uploaded the video on Google Drive and then shared it with his friends and university group. In the video, he revealed how Sneha was cheating on him with a mess worker at the university.

The video starts with Anuj saying, “I was a very good person. I have never hurt anyone. I was good in my studies and a national-level player in athletics. All was going well for me until I got admission to this university and met Sneha Chaurasia.”

“She came into my life and totally changed it. Before she came into my life, I had seen many problems, many ups, and downs in my life, and have lost people close to me. I had a sister, she had a little son and a happy family. But, her husband burnt her alive to death. Her mistake was that she always wanted to become a good mother. Her child would often fall sick and she spent all her time taking care of the baby. That was her mistake.”

“Similarly, my uncle died of a heart attack after my aunt cheated on him with another man. All these incidents have caused me mental trauma and pain,” he added.

When Sneha met Anuj she was allegedly in a relationship in which she was not happy and helped her overcome that. Meanwhile, he fell in love with her and they both entered into a relationship, but the reality was different.

But Anuj came to know that Sneha had actually been cheating on him for the last one year.

“I got to know that she was cheating on me with a mess worker Ashutosh Pandey. She used to meet him after I slept at night. Later, she would delete the chats and call logs. She had been doing this for the last one year. I had warned her to mend her ways but in vain. I begged her for love but instead, she kept having relations with several other men,” Anuj said.

He added, “I know there is no justification for what I’m going to do. But, I apologise to Sneha’s parents. They do not deserve a daughter like her.”