Vikash Sharma

In a major crackdown, the Commissionerate Police on Sunday arrested a supari (Contract) killer from Bhubaneswar. As per preliminary reports, the supari killer, identified as Sampad Sahu hails from Jagatsinghpur district. It is suspected that Sahu was hired to eliminate a businessman in the State Capital city. 

Sahu was arrested from Nayapalli area and two pistols along with eight rounds of ammunition were recovered from his possession. Reports said that he had reached Bhubaneswar on November 26, 2021.

Twin City Police Commissioner, Soumendra Priyadarshi while briefing the situation, said that police have managed to foil a major crime in the city by arresting the contract killer.

“Apart from pistols, we have recovered a chilli spray from the motorcycle of the accused who was first spotted near Nayapalli area. Our officers overpowered him while his associate managed to escape,” said Priyadarshi.

Preliminary investigation reveals that Sahu is involved in as many as 5 cases of crimes including at Bidanasi, Malgodown in Cuttack, Kendrapara and Jagatsinghpur police. He is also stated to be involved in Baranga murder case.

According to Priyadarshi, a detailed investigation will be carried out to ascertain who the target of the contract killer was.

“We have produced the accused before court. We will bring him on remand to parrot out details of his target and the contractors who hired him,” Priyadarshi added.

The Twin City Police Commissioner further said that the officers, who showed exemplary courage while carrying out the raid to nab the supari killer despite being unarmed, will be duly felicitated.