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Money management is very important for everyone, as it aids in accumulating your wealth to new heights. Though people earn money after toilsome hard work, one should know smart ways to manage their finances. And finance apps teach you just that. These apps put you in the driver’s seat teaching you ways to manage your finances without a snag.

Below are the four best picks from the list of available financial literacy apps:
World of Money: Simply learning and knowing about financial stuff doesn’t make you ready to cope with the financial obstacles that come your way. The World of Money app offers financial education videos tutored by graduates specialized in their respective fields. The platform offers a peer-to-peer learning facility. The World of Money shares finances know-how videos on its platform, aiding youth to enhance their financial literacy. They’ll be quizzes at the end of every video, testing how much you have learned and understood from the lesson. This app is available on the store to download for both iOS and Android users.
Finshots: This is another fine finance literacy app that keeps you abreast with the ongoing events in the financial world. There’s this specific feature called “Finshots Daily” where it shares one financial event and its development concerning that happening every day. Just by reading one article a day, you can brush up on your finance wisdom. From infographics to a market ecosystem to personal finance, this app offers everything a finance enthusiast should know. The Finshots app is available on the store to download only for Android users.
Goodbudget: Are you planning to cut your expenses and manage your budget concomitantly? Then, the Goodbudget app is all you need on your smart device right now. Now, how does this app work and what’s so special about this application? The Goodbudget acts as a financial budget tool that aids users in recording their day-to-day and monthly expenses. Through this app, you can keep a track of all your outlays in real time. If you want to be a pro at budgeting and learn how to manage your finances, then Goodbudget is an ideal finance literacy app for you. This app is available on the store to download for both iOS and Android users.
Basis: Your Money, Your Way: Just like men, women do work as well, and it’s pivotal for them to know about the functionality and ways to enhance their savings. Basis, a finance literacy app, particularly catered to women, shares educational and investment know-how on its platform. The app consists of flashcards that educate on financial aspects in a summary format. Whether you are a freelancer or a working woman or someone who wants to grasp financial know-how, this app will teach you what you need on the go.