Mrunal Manmay Dash

Stephan Winkelmann, the Global CEO & Chairman, Automobili Lamborghini, claimed that India’s inadequate infrastructure and high tax rates are the main obstacles to the expansion of super luxury automobile sales in the country.

In spite of the nation having the third-highest number of billionaires, he said, sales are still rather low.

It is no news that despite regular improvements and upgrades in road infrastructure, the roads in almost all the major cities in India are unsuitable for supercars.

During an interview, Winkelmann stated, “It’s a mix. But I think the biggest challenge is the infrastructure because we are in other markets where we have (high) taxation (but) where the volumes are higher.”

He further stated that the Indian market is a bit peculiar. “So, we have a lot of Indian customers in Europe, especially in the United Kingdom. We have (Indian customers in) the United States and in Southeast Asia. So, let’s say, the community is even stronger than the market. So, it might also be that we have (Indian) customers, whose residences may not be in India, but they are driving Lamborghini cars,” he said.

Currently the Italian company sells three models that include the top-of-the-line V12-engined Aventador Ultimae, V10-engined Huracan Evo and the most popular model in the line-up the Super SUV Urus in India. The models start from Rs 3 crore and go all the way up to Rs 9 crore. Last year the company managed to dispatch a total of 93 units all over the country and this year it is on the course to have three-digit sale for the first time in India.