Mrunal Manmay Dash

Rapido, an auto-tech aggregator will install seatbelts in Bengaluru's auto-rickshaws as part of its nationwide safety drive, the company informed on Friday.

As per a Hindustan Times report, Rapido claimed that it uses a special information-masking mechanism for female riders in order to protect their identity and privacy. Its app also provides round-the-clock on-the-ground support for shared rides and live ride tracking with access to granular longitudinal and latitudinal data.

Passengers can feel protected thanks to the Rapido app's safety measures. They were safe and well protected throughout by taking this action, it hopes to lower the danger of fatalities and injuries in the event of accidents such as collisions or abrupt stops. In addition, the business has put in place a four-step background check procedure for its driving captains to guarantee passenger safety.

Rapido Auto has implemented other several safety measures in its app to facilitate safe travel for passengers and captains. These include mandatory safety training for riders and regular vehicle maintenance checks and real-time tracking of rides. The company claims that it has been made mandatory for all Rapido drivers to complete a Learning Module System and Training Exercise learning customer-appropriate behaviour, road safety training and operational training.

Rapido has previously conducted safety awareness programs across the country in collaboration with city traffic police departments. The initiatives involved CPR and basic life support training for drivers as well as a mime program to demonstrate how crucial road safety is at heavy traffic junctions in cities such as Gurgaon, Hyderabad, Chennai, Bengaluru, Vijayawada and Madurai.

Road safety continues to remain a major challenge in the country and Rapido says that it will continue collaborating with the police and allied stakeholders in the future to conduct more such road safety programs.

With over one lakh autos running in Bengaluru and auto drivers operating under various auto tech aggregators platforms, the measure is expected to improve the safety of the commuters.