BJP accuses Govt of brasen misuse of CBI

New Delhi: In a strong reaction to the filing of closure report by CBI in the Ottavio Quattrocchi case, BJP on Friday said this is "brazen misuse" of the agency and insisted that there is "no closure of truth".

"The acceptance of the closure request filed by CBI is an indicator of the extent to which the Congress government went to save Quattrocchi, who was close to some powerful people in the party… But Congress should remember that there is no closure of truth," BJP spokesperson Ravi Shankar Prasad said.

He insisted that in a similar case relating to Bofors kickbacks accused Win Chadha being tried by a Tribunal, the " entire evidence against Quattrocchi" was presented. Prasad maintained that this included details of his slush funds, bank accounts and involvement of middlemen in the deal.

"Yet, instead of filing a case against Quattrocchi, CBI said there is nothing to be investigated. This is the most brazen misuse of CBI," Prasad said.

A Delhi court today allowed a CBI plea seeking withdrawal of prosecution against Quattrocchi in the two-decade-old Bofors payoff case.

"The application of the CBI is allowed," Chief Metropolitan Magistrate Vinod Yadav said.

"If the logical conclusion of a case is not possible then it is better to leave the issue," he said.