Deepak Acharya

There is possibility that your luck will change in your favour. The phase will be good for you as it will bring professional growth, financial gain and at the same you will also be able to get works done easily. The overall year will be good in terms of financial growth and status. All the issues or deficiencies are likely to get resolved. 

Though there could be some adverse situations at home, you are likely to overcome and resolve all these issues without any problems. 

Despite a lot of positivity, you might experience some health related issues during the first half of 2024. However, these issues are likely to get resolved with the passage of time. Your overall health will be good.

Love Life: You are likely to get sucess in existing relationship. The bachelors are likely to find their soul mates this year. The married couples will provide a helping hand to their respective partners. However, they need to control their anger to overcome minor issues in their relationship. The overall situation in home will be satisfactory.

Students: It is likely to be a good year for the students. They are likely to get desired success in 2024. The time is also good to register growth in academics and register victory in competition or examinations.

Businessmen: The New Year 2024 will provide mixed results for the businessmen. They will be able to give new shape and direction to the existing business.

For Others: Those, who were facing issues due to legal matters, are likely to get some respite in 2024. The parents are likely to remain worried for their children in some part of 2024.

Remedy for Aries in 2024

 Keep reciting Hanuman Chalisa and wear kavach of Bagala Mukhi for positive results.