Lucknow: BJP MP Varun Gandhi has mastered the art of creating controversy after controversy. The young Gandhi is currently campaigning for his mother Maneka Gandhi in Sultanpur that goes to the polls in the sixth phase on May 12.

Varun said on Monday that people should vote for 'Bharat Mata'. "My mother is contesting from here and she is a noble soul. You all should vote for 'Mata' that is 'Bharat Mata'. You are living in Hindustan and you should vote for Hindustan. If you vote for others (read SP-BSP alliance), you will be voting for Pakistan," he said.

Earlier, Varun Gandhi had said that those who are contesting against his mother were the ones who used to tie his shoe laces. The reference was to the BSP candidate Chandra Bhadra Singh a.k.a. Sonu Singh and his brother Yash Bhadra Singh.

Sonu Singh was a staunch Varun loyalist when he held the Sultanpur seat, but is now an alliance candidate.

In yet another controversy, Varun lashed out at the Yadav clan of the Samajwadi Party.

"Till about 10-15 years ago, these people were making cow dung cakes in Saifai and today they are travelling in cars worth crores. Whose money is this? Is it not public money?" he asked.

Varun Gandhi's statements in the past 24 hours in Sultanpur have generated considerable heat in the constituency.