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Sangati Jogwar

The rise in the Delhi pollution level has triggered an alarm for the citizens in the city and around to take adequate measures to avoid its impact on health. Priyanka Chopra using a mask during her visit in Delhi further fueled the discussion as to how necessary it is to use such gadgets and take precautionary measures for protecting health.

Here are the top 5 tips that you can use to stay healthy in such conditions:

1. Using The Right Mask

Although the Desi girl was trolled for using a mask, doctors advise using the right mask to combat the side effects of air pollution. It should be noted that wearing a simple cloth mask cannot fulfill the purpose. Rather you must invest in special masks, for example, N99 and N95 which are expensive but are highly effective.

2. Wear Sunglasses

In cities like Delhi with a high level of pollution, eyes can get infected or damaged if harmful particles from the air enter them. So it is always advisable to wear sunglasses that cover the eyes adequately.

3. Staying Indoors Can Help

Doing cardio workouts in the open in Delhi pollution can be risky. As you draw the polluted air deeper during inhaling it reaches your lungs and can leave the pollutant inside the body. It can lead to respiratory ailments.
In case you want to stay healthy and active, opt for workouts/activities at home like cycling, spot jogging, etc. According to the latest reports, inhaling polluted air or smog leads to the development of more mucus in the lungs.

4. Keeping Body Hydrated

Pollution introduces a lot of toxicity inside your body. To wash these toxins away and stay hydrated, health experts recommend drinking vegetable and fruit juices and increase the intake of water.

5. Indoor Greenery Helps

Keeping indoor plants not only makes the home look beautiful but it is also one way of introducing fresh oxygen in the indoor environment. Plants like Spider or Aloe Vera can suck up carbon dioxide and maintain better air quality indoors.

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