Devbrat Patnaik

Despite repeated warnings issued by the Indian Railways, passengers are seen disobeying the orders. Finding a new way to stop this, the Railways has decided to impose hefty fines along with a jail term, which may be extend up to six months.

Here are a few precautions to ensure safety of rail users and public:

  • Don’t Board/alight a running train or crowd the entrance of the coach, which happens the movement of the passengers.
  • Don’t stand on the Foot Board of the train or on the edge of Platforms. Don’t Board/alight trains on the wrong side at Railway Stations.
  • Don’t indulge in any form of photography including taking selfies in the vicinity of Railway tracks.
  • Don’t use Mobile Phones, while walking near to Railway Tracks or while boarding/alighting the train. Don’t gather or indulge in any activity or in the vicinity of Railway Tracks.
  • Don’t trespass Railway Tracks at Railway Stations or in mid-section. Use Foot Over Bridges (FOBs), Sub-ways, Road Over Bridge (ROB)/Road Under Bridge (RUB), Railway Crossings, etc., to cross Railway Tracks

Here's the penalty:

Section 147 of Railway Act says– If any person enters upon or into any part of Railway without lawful authority or having lawfully entered upon & misuses property or refuses to leave, he shall be punishable with imprisonment for six months or with fine of Rs 1000.

Trespassing across Railway Tracks is a punishable offence under Section 147 of the Railways Act, 1989 where a penalty of imprisonment up to six months and / or fine up to Rupees One Thousand is leviable.

In view of this, the East Coast Railway has geared up its workforce for strict vigil on trespassers loitering at TrainLine/RailwayTracks/ crossing tracks illegally. Railway Protection Force(RPF) has been advised to take necessary steps as per Railways Act,1989.

Drive against trespassers by ECoR on Train Line and crossing tracks:

  • Use sub-ways or Foot Over Bridge
  • Use Sub-ways or Foot Over Bridge. Railway Protection Force (RPF) of ECoR has been advised to take necessary steps as per the Railways Act, 1989

Action plan proposed by ECoR as preventive measures to minimise trespassing:

  • Continuous identification of areas where such trespass is occurring and clamping down on the same.
  • Continuous counselling of people attempting to trespass into Station Track areas. Repeat offenders to be penalised.
  • Continuous counselling of people attempting to trespass into Station Track areas. Repeat offenders to be penalised.

In view of the rising trends of accident related deaths/injuries on Railway Tracks, ECoR has also taken steps to analyse the causes of the accidents.

  • Most of the accidents are occurring at Non-Railway Station areas.
  • Trains move faster than they appear to be & can reach sooner than we can think.
  • Be careful while passing Level crossings & follow safety rules & stop before crossing Railway track, look both sides of railway track, Listen for any sound of approaching train & cross when no train is coming

The message from East Coast Railway to its valued Rail Users and passengers is – “Life is more precious than your time. Do not risk your life while crossing the Level Crossings."

Awareness Campaigns have been regularly made by ECoR through various media like newspapers, TV, Radio, distribution of posters, leaflets, in short films/advts, & Street Plays & will be further intensified in coming months.

ECoR has already taken the lead in drive. It has already announced few months back about its proposal to provide Foot Over Bridges (FOBs) at all Small Stations & Passenger Halts to prevent any case of Trespass of Tracks.