Rahul questions Mulayam, Mayawati at rally

Ambedkarnagar:Aggressively campaigning for a foothold in Uttar Pradesh, Congress general secretary Rahul Gandhi today questioned Samajwadi Party chief Mulayam Singh Yadav`s commitment to Muslims and charged chief minister Mayawati with living under the false impression that "UP is shining".

"Mulayam Singh Yadav says that reservation given to Muslims by the Congress is not adequate. He himself has been the chief minister of the state three times but did nothing on this front and when Rashid Masood raised this matter he was shown the door", Rahul said here.

"Yadav says that he will give 28 per cent quota…SC has said that this is not possible but he is saying that he would give it. He thinks that people understand nothing", he said.

"Mulayam Singh promises to provide power, water and quota and think that people would know nothing … though he makes promises but when it is time to fight for the rights of the people he does nothing", Rahul said adding that on election eve the leaders are ready to say everything that people want to hear.

He said, "Mualayam Singh has been chief minister thrice…we sent foodgrains and his men indulged in malpractices and your food was looted".

On Mayawati, Rahul said that she is living under the false impression that UP is shining. "Her officials have told her that she is doing a lot of good work and that UP is shining", he said. Rahul said, "When Maywati became the chief minister, her officials told her that she is doing a lot of good work and so there is no need for her to meet farmers, labourers or to go to villages as UP is shining".

"Mayawati also thought that UP is shining and she forgot to visit villages … do you lack anything that she is not coming in your midst", he said.

The Congress leader said that the biggest shortcoming in India is that leaders do not come to you. "They make promises and then forget all about them", he said.
"I want to ask you when weavers were facing problems where was Mulayam Singh Yadav.. was he fighting for you on the roads… Mayawati was in her palace. Now both of them are saying that they will give power and quota. Actually all their promises are false and they will say whatever you want to hear", he said.

Holding all promises of round the clock power supply in the state as false, Gandhi said that the reality is that in the past 22 years not a single power house has been set up in the state.

The Congress leader said that the intentions should be clear and he had good intentions and he has come here to change the state for which he is making only one promise. "You are poor and there is no one to hear you. I will listen to you. Till you become a part of development I will keep standing here and continue to come in your midst", he added.