Lokpal: Swamy demands autonomy for CBI

New Delhi: Terming the draft Lokpal Bill as "ridiculous", Janata Party president Subramnian Swamy today demanded that the CBI should be an autonomous body.

Swamy also doubted the intention of the government to bring a strong anti-corruption bill.

"We cannot expect the people in power to deliver a good law. This (Lokpal) Bill is a ridiculous Bill. It is better not to having such a Bill. Because fact of the matter is that, on P Chidambram case, CBI showed itself as totally boneless and spineless," he told reporters outside Parliament House.

"Opposition is doing the right thing by opposing the Bill. Government cannot be expected to bring a good Bill because it would be tantamount to committing suicide," he added.

Swamy also disagreed with Team Anna, which is insisting on bringing the CBI under Lokpal.

"There is a need for CBI to be autonomous. There is no need to keep it under Lokpal. CBI should be freed from government and a separate law should be enacted for it," he said.

The Janata Party chief said there is no need to wait for a new law to fight corruption. "Corruption can be effectively fought in the existing law. I have proved it in 2G case."

Challenging the Congress, he said, "If Sonia wants to fight on this issue we are ready to for it. In the fight they would lose very badly. Because the image today in the country is that UPA is thoroughly corrupt and should be driven out."

He said forex cases should also be handled by CBI as the agency is better equipped to deal with them.