Khurshid admits justice delivery slow

New Delhi: Admitting that the justice delivery system in the country was slow, Government today said efforts were on to ensure matters are decided in courts within three to five years.

"I cannot comment on legal system procedures and rule of law," Law Minister Salman Khurshid said when asked about the delay in Afzal Guru case. However, he said, "we are not entirely happy with the pace at which the rule of law is implemented in our country and that is a reason why we have a mission for justice delivery".

Speaking to reporters outside Parliament House, he said, "The Chief Justice has spoken of this and my predecessor has spoken of it and we are moving ahead with the mission and an enormous amount of effort has to be put in to ensure that matters are decided in courts within three to five years and nothing should go beyond five years".

"However there are still some cases which go beyond five years. We want quick justice in all matters. This (Parliament attack) is of course a symbolic and significant event that we cannot easily forget but nevertheless even for such an event there is not much one can do except to hope that our entire system learns to respond in a much faster manner," he added.

On the question of inclusion of citizen`s grievances Bill in the Lokpal Bill, Khurshid said "Cabinet will consider it." Asked about the government`s views on keeping lower bureaucracy and the Prime Minister under Lokpal, he said "wait for the Bill you will know." Whether government still wants to go ahead with the food security Bill in the backdrop of falling rupee rate and slide in industrial output, he said government is committed to do it.

"Can government afford to go people hungry. Therefore, whatever else we have to do we have to ensure that people of the country particularly marginalised people get the protection they need and dignity they need, we will do whatever in our capacity to do that," he said.