Khap imposes ban on paddy cultivation in Haryana

Jhajjar (Haryana): A khap panchayat here has ordered a ban on paddy cultivation in 36 villages of Haryana`s Salhavaas region to prevent "desertification of land".

"Condition of these villages` land, which is already facing high level ground water, worsens during the rainy season every year owing to failure of the district authorities in draining out stagnant water from there in time," Jakhar Khap Panchayat secretary Mehar Singh said.

"The khap, therefore, pronounced the verdict to avoid a flood-like situation and prevent desertification," he said, adding that farmers will have to face social boycott and a penalty of Rs 5,100 in case of the order violation.

A 36-member monitoring committee (one representative of each village of the panchayat) has been constituted to ensure efficient execution of the order, he said.

"No one from 36 villages has so far raised any objection over the decision and all representatives of the villages have supported the decision," he claimed.