Kejriwal asks Delhi men to learn from women

New Delhi: Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal Saturday called on men “to learn from women” and make the national capital a city where “every woman feels free and lives happily”.

Kejriwal, currently in Bengaluru for naturopathy treatment for high blood sugar and cough, made the appeal in a nearly one-minute radio message on the eve of the International Women’s Day (March 8).

The Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) convenor gave all the credit to his wife and mother for his success.

“Two women are behind whatever I am today. They are my wife and mother. During my fight against corruption, my wife ran the house while my mother supported me,” Kejriwal said.

Stating that his message is for “all the men in the city”, Kejriwal said: “It is admirable how women fulfil their responsibilities honestly and without making any fuss.”

“They play many roles such as that of a mother, daughter, wife, sister and daughter-in-law. They do their job and also take care of their families.”

Saluting the tolerance of women, he said: “I salute their rock solid tolerance. There are a lot of things that men should learn from them (women), but I have seen that some men comment on their dresses and do an assessment of their character…they talk absurd things about women and also molest them.”

“Men who do not respect women outside can never respect women in their homes,” he said while urging men in the capital to make the city a safe place for women.

“I want that we should make Delhi such a city where every woman feels free and lives happily. On the eve of Women’s Day, I salute all women of Delhi a Happy Women’s Day,” he said.

Previously, Kejriwal had invited Delhi residents to his oath-taking ceremony as chief minister at Ramlila Maidan through a radio message.