Govt should not suppress facts on incursion issue: BJP

New Delhi: Terming the Chinese intrusion into Ladakh as serious, BJP on Thursday demanded that the government should not suppress facts on the issue while taking the nation into confidence even as it blamed the Indian diplomacy for its failure.

While offering its support on the issue, the Opposition party said even though good relations should be maintained with China, one should not forget the "hard lessons of 1962" in doing so.

BJP also attacked the Manmohan Singh government of having "reduced the prestige of the country internationally" that even small nations were "showing eyes" to India.

"Some very serious questions have arisen on the China issue. There is concern and anger in the country. Everyone has tried to maintain good relations with China. We should not forget the hard lessons of 1962.

"We would urge upon the government of India to take kindly come with clear facts. Take the nation into confidence, take the political parties into confidence, they are willing to support. But please don't suppress hard truth under the carpet," BJP leader Ravi Shankar Prasad told reporters.

Another party leader Rajiv Pratap Rudy said, "Indian diplomacy seems to have failed. Salman Khurshid talks of diplomatic efforts but there can be no talks until Chinese dismantle their tents and move across to their territory."

Prasad said one question that arises is that the state of the common man is so bad due to price rise, corruption and misgovernance, "the Manmohan Singh government has now reduced the prestige of the nation to such an extent that all neighbouring countries do not take India seriously".

He cited the example of Maldives with a population of only three lakh that was also showing eyes to India and so was China.

The BJP leader said he had earlier demanded convening of an all-party meeting on the China issue and BJP president Rajnath Singh had asked the government to seriously address the issue as it are ready to cooperate.

The Samajwadi Party, which has been lending its crucial outside support to the UPA government said India must seriously address the China issue and wondered why it was showing "weakness" while dealing with it.

"Indian government should deal firmly with China. I wonder why it is showing weakness in dealing with China," said SP leader Naresh Agarwal.