Pradeep Singh

Seems like taking up challenges even at the risk of life have become a viral video trend. After police across the globe issued warnings against the 'Kiki challenge', a new dangerous trend- 'Dragon's Breath' Challenge -is all over the internet now.

The Dragon's Breath trend involves eating candy which are dipped in liquid nitrogen. The viral trend can lead to serious health issues, however people and even children are not backing up from taking up the challenge.

People are seen eating these nitrogen-dipped candy to look like they're blowing out smoke from mouth like a dragon.

After taking up the challenge people are sharing their videos on social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

Meanwhile, the Suffolk County health department has advised people to control their emotions and not get swayed away with the trend and issued warning stating that this dangerous trend could melt mouth and even internal organs.

"Dragon's Breath is a food novelty made by freezing cereal puffs in liquid nitrogen. The frozen cereal is then served in a cup and eaten using a skewer or similar utensil. "Liquid nitrogen can cause damage to a person's skin and internal organs and, if inhaled, it can cause asphyxiation (lack of oxygen)," NDTV reported citing the health department's release.

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As per reports, nearly half the stomach of a man from in Gurgaon had have to be removed after he drank a cocktail with liquid nitrogen.

Pic Credit: MailOnline