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Another Delhi woman complains her braids were cut

New Delhi: In the wake of three similar cases reported earlier this week, a 45-year-old woman from west Delhi has complained her braids were cut mysteriously, the police said on Wednesday.

Omwati complained that her hair were snipped when she had gone to the washroom at her home at Tilangpur Kotla village in Ranhola area around 11.30 p.m. on Tuesday.

“The woman and her family said there was no possibility of entry of any outsider as all doors of the house were locked from inside. The woman was traumatised by the experience,” a police officer said.

The woman said she had locked the washroom door from inside, but sensed someone caught hold of and snipped her hair. In panic, she shouted for help and fell unconscious.

Police said the locals claimed they had seen impressions of human hands imprinted outside the family’s house.

Earlier, the police said unidentified persons cut the braids of three women on Sunday night in Kangan Heri village of west Delhi’s Chhawla area.

A villager had then said that the area people believed someone practising witchcraft or occult practices was responsible for such incidents.

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