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7th Pay Commission: No more hike in basic pay, allowances

New Delhi: All hopes lost for the lakhs of Central government employees as there’s a bad news that the Narendra Modi-led BJP government will not reconsider on the basic pay, hike in salary and allowances as recommended by the 7th Pay Commission and approved by the Cabinet.

The government has ruled out any change in the minimum pay, Rs 18,000, under the 7th Pay Commission, reports The Sen Times citing a Finance Ministry source.

The government employees will get nothing more than what has been approved, the source said, adding, “there is no scope to change in pay”.

The Central government employees had demanded through the Joint Council of Action (NJAC) for increasing the minimum pay to Rs 26,000 from the present Rs 18,000. They had also threatened indefinite strike if the government doesn’t increase the minimum pay.

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The National Anomaly Committee may consider their demand, but the government is in no mood to listen to any changes in the approved recommendations and it has already decided not to heed any demand.

The employees of the Public Sector Units had also made a similar demand and wanted the government to increase their minimum pay to Rs 26,000.

Worth mentioning that Finance Minister Arun Jaitley had earlier said, prior to the implementation of the 7th Pay Commission, that the salaries for central government employees need to be taken to a respectable level as compared to the ones in the private sector. This had added to the expectation of the government employees from the pay commission.

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Meanwhile, frustration among the Central government employees is building. They are not satisfied with the hike in salary and allowances and are feeling betrayed.

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