5 terminally ill kids turn police commissioners for a day

Bangalore: Five terminally ill kids, who wanted to be police officers but their diseases may not let them survive for long, realised their dream on Monday when the joint efforts of the police department and Make a Wish Foundation helped them become the Bengaluru police commissioners, though for a day.

City Police Commissioner Bhaskar Rao ‘appointed’ the kids to the coveted post. The children were given a ceremonial welcome by the cops at Bengaluru Police Headquarters before their entry to the Commissioner’s office.

Later, they tour to see the police control room, dog squad and were also given real weapons, handcuffs and walkie talkies.

“They handled real weapons and played with real handcuffs. They sat on the police commissioner’s chair and signed some papers. They also played with the K9 Squad (police dogs),” said Rao.

Bengaluru Police shared pictures of the event on its official twitter handle which soon went viral as people lauded the gesture of the department towards the children.