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With the start of a new week, we eagerly wait and want to know what our star sign holds. Here is a guide to the week ahead for you. Here's Horoscope forecast for December 7-13 for each Zodiac sign:


This is a good time to make strategies and plans in order to improve your present as well as future prospects. A bit of structure to your thoughts will go a long way in shaping your career. Once you are mentally sorted, your opponents will not be able to take advantage of you. This will also help you achieve higher positions of authority in your workplace. You are likely to improve your income as it may flow from multiple sources. It is a good phase to invest your hard-earned money. There is likely to be an improvement in the comfort and status of your spouse which will keep you happy. Love birds facing ups and downs in their relationship so far will get a huge relief as misunderstandings are likely to be cleared. You need to be on the vigil as far as your health is concerned as it is likely to remain fragile. At the same time, a health scare is also expected with respect to an elder in the family.

Tip of the week: Structure your thoughts


This is a good week to clear out pending matters relating to the household. If you have been planning to buy or sell a property for a long time, then this is the right period to go ahead with it. You are likely to receive multiple opportunities to increase your income which will help you improve your financial status. Some of you may receive financial benefits from the maternal side of your family. Businesspeople are also likely to witness an increase in their turnover. Those involved in legal matters are likely to emerge victorious. However, do not interfere in other's life, else you may end up spoiling that relationship altogether. On the family front, you are likely to receive support of your spouse in all endeavours. Those in a relationship need to be patient and manage the situation with tact. It will be a good idea to participate in spiritual activities to improve your peace of mind.

Tip of the week: Do not interfere in other's lives


You are expected to face challenges on various quarters this week. To begin with, your temperament is likely to get impacted on some pretext or the other, which will see you getting into arguments both at home and at the workplace. You are advised to mend your temper and think with a cool head in order to address the challenge. At a personal level, some old illness could come to the surface providing you with additional stress. Thereafter, the health of your mother may also need immediate attention. There could be some expenditure on her health. Nonetheless, those of you who have recently started their business are likely to see an upliftment in profits. You are also likely to get good support from your friends and relatives. There will be financial stability coupled with multiple opportunities to earn income. However, you are advised not to indulge in any risky activities during this phase.

Tip of the week: Prepare for challenges


You are likely to get benefits in all spheres of life as you are likely to come across many opportunities which will help you improve your financial position. You can receive a new job opportunity that you have been eying for a while. You are likely to get relief from any ongoing legal complication. You will feel energetic, enthusiastic and independent in your vision. Professionally, you will not hesitate to try new and innovative ideas to enhance your career which will make you satisfied. Those of you doing your own business are also likely to witness growth and expansion as you will accomplish your tasks with ease and proficiency. However, you are advised to avoid any kind of hastiness, especially when it comes to taking important decisions. New investments in any financial instrument should not be done this week. In terms of personal life, you are likely to get good support and affection from your family members as well as spouse.

Tip of the week: Avoid hasty decisions


During the first half of the week, you need to stay away from any kind of mental stress to ensure all tasks are completed on time. It can also impact your health negatively. Also, keep a check on your choice of words before speaking; otherwise, you may face problems in relationships. While taking decisions, weigh the pros and cons of the situation and clear your mind. During the second half of the week, you will receive the right platform to showcase your talents and potential. Try and mingle with people and communicate your ideas as much as you can which will improve your growth prospects. You are also likely to get returns and benefits from fixed assets and property. However, you might face some competition from your colleagues at the workplace. Those in business will receive positive support from their partner. This will bring happiness and will also help you complete all pending tasks with ease.

Tip of the week: Communicate your ideas


This week you are likely to enter into new partnerships and collaborations relating to professional life. New deals and documents may be signed which will signal the start of a new undertaking. The initial part of the week is expected to be favourable for those who are expecting income from abroad or are planning to settle abroad. They are likely to see their dreams come true. There is also likely to be excess expenditure relating to travel. The stars indicate a change of job as well as surroundings for you. Those employed will see the circumstances working in their favour at the workplace. You are also likely to get adequate support and cooperation from your seniors and higher authorities during this period. During the second half of the week, you will spend time with your friends. You are likely to receive good advice from someone influential. However, you may indulge in some disputes or arguments with your family members.

Tip of the week: Be open to new partnerships


The week will start on an average note as you may face challenges in your personal as well as professional life. There could be unnecessary obstacles while completing your tasks which may lead to mental stress and worry. There could be an increase in your workload and you may find it difficult to adhere to deadlines. At times, you could indulge in unnecessary fights and arguments. During the second half of the week, you could have a difference of opinion with your partner, which may impact your performance on the work front as well. Try and avoid taking any undue risk during this time. Those of you facing any kind of legal difficulties are advised to delay undertaking any important task. You are also advised to exercise patience and caution during this period. Maintain a cordial relation with your family members as you will need their emotional support to get through this phase.

Tip of the week: Lie low and stay positive


The week will start on a positive note as you are likely to get a solution to a problem that you may have been facing for a long time. You will achieve success in your efforts. You will be able to increase your income steadily which will help you reduce your liabilities. If you have taken any loan or debt previously, then you will be able to pay it back now. If you have been planning to invest your money, then this is a good phase to do it. Also, those of you planning to start your own business are also likely to find favourable opportunities. You will remain popular in your social circle and people will approach you for advice. You are likely to get support from your friends which will be a source of joy for you. Those of you doing business with foreign countries are likely to succeed. Students seeking to pursue higher education abroad are also likely to receive favourable results. Keep away from indulging in any kind of legal disputes.

Tip of the week: Stay away from legal disputes


You should try to complete your tasks during the first half of the week as stars appear favourable during this time. Your confidence and self-belief will enable you to overcome obstacles. At the work front, you will receive support of your subordinates and cooperation of your seniors. There could be some new opportunities to enhance your income which, if grabbed, can provide long-term gains. The atmosphere in your family and workplace will remain cordial. Good news from your relatives' side can prove to be a source of joy for you. During the second half of the week, those of you running their own business are advised not to take decisions without proper due-diligence; else losses are indicated. Also, be careful while driving as an accident or injury cannot be ruled out. You also need to guard against any thefts and purchases made from abroad.

Tip of the week: Guard against injury


You are advised to stay away from any kind of shortcuts to earn money. Instead, it will be a good idea to invest money in avenues that provide gains in the long term. Also, you need to keep a check on your aggression to avoid getting into unpleasant situations. Towards the later part of the week, you are likely to find opportunities that provide you with higher positions of authority at your workplace. You are also likely to receive new roles and responsibilities. Businesspersons undertaking journeys are likely to benefit from them. You might also receive sudden benefits, thus, improving your financial condition. However, you are advised to take the suggestion of experts before making any kind of investments. In terms of family life, the relationship with your father will get more cordial and you will receive adequate support from him at every juncture. Your spouse will also remain supportive but may face some minor health problems.

Tip of the week: Stay away from shortcuts


You need to start the week on a cautious note. You are likely to incur unexpected losses and your savings might get impacted due to some unforeseen circumstances. Also, you may face problems at the workplace owing to a lack of structure on your part. Working professionals can face some altercations and arguments. Those in business may see decline in orders. However, there will be something to cheer about during the second half of the week. You are likely to get support from your spouse in all your tasks and endeavours. Your business partner will offer support which will help stabilize revenue growth. Nonetheless, you are required to stay away from impulsive purchases and utilise your funds only for essential things. Your interest in spiritual and religious activities is likely to go up during this phase and you will be seen investing a lot of your time in it.

Tip of the week: Avoid impulsive purchases


During the first part of the week, you could remain bogged down due to unnecessary anxiety and worry. Health may remain a source of worry and any concern relating to the eyes must be addressed on time. You should remain alert while conducting financial transactions. Some of you may get back their previously-loaned money. Travel undertaken by you during this period is likely to bring rewards. During the second half of the week, you will receive support from your spouse and mutual affection will increase. There could be sudden benefits which will help in improving your finances. Those doing job will be willing to take risks that they have not been able to take before. Believe in hard work and make a robust roadmap to achieve your desired goals. On the family front, you are advised to take extra care of your father's health.

Tip of the week: Believe in hard work


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