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Choosing The Right Foundation Shade; Here’s What You Must Know

Every time you see a celebrity gracing red carpet or silver screen, you wonder how come she looks so stunning always. More importantly, how does their skin tone so evenly merge with their skin and look in harmony with their entire appearance? According to experts, the first right step to looking that good is finding the right shade of foundation. Unlike a Kareena Kapoor or Aishwarya Rai, almost every celebrity beauty has some flaws and imperfections.

From spots, blotches, to oily T-zones and different skin tones, these girls also face the same complications that normal girls do. The best solution for all this is picking the right foundation.

How To Choose the Right Foundation?

A foundation with a slightly yellowish undertone or cast is perfect for most Indian girls as women in this part of the world have slightly yellow undertones to their complexion irrespective of whether you are pale or dark. Also, you must know what to avoid. According to makeup experts, you must avoid peach, pink or whitish shades as they look old-fashioned and chalky.

On the other hand, a yellow-based foundation rightly blends into your skin and gives it a healthy and fresh skin tone which is why a foundation is used. Another advice is to avoid creating a fairer skin tone. The intention of using a foundation should only make your existing skin look perfect and not unnatural.

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Steps For Choosing The Perfect Shade

For picking up the perfect shade of foundation make a stripe of the foundation from jaw line towards the cheek and then blend it on your skin. Now do the same on the other side with yet another foundation that is a shade lighter than the first one. The shade that completely blends with your skin should be your choice.

It is better to double-check the shade against your forehead as more often women tend to be darker here. Another important tip is to make sure that you do this test in natural light so that your choice is perfect.

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