Mrunal Manmay Dash

Fans (ARMY) of K-Pop band BTS went berserk on Tuesday claiming that the vocals in the latest promo of soft-drink major Coca Cola-Indonesia were in fact lent from the members of the Korean band.

Seoul-based entertainment company, Big Hit Entertainment that manages BTS, later confirmed that the voices were indeed lent by the members of the K-Pop band including the sexiest man alive, Jungkook.

The length of the ad is almost a minute and it is the voices that accompany the song that unleashed a debate of the ARMY, since the tone of the singers have been seemingly disguised.

But even before the confirmed news about the BTS involvement, the ARMY recognised the voices in the ad and trended #RockstarJungkook in the micro blogging platform.

A fan of Jungkook even went to the lengths of removing the music from the video and tweeted it with only vocals to press his point.

As per reports, BTS has already had contracts with some of the global brands to promote their product and Coco-Cola was one of them. However, the debate ensued because the ad did not have any credits given to the pop group.