Viola Davis calls for change in Hollywood

Los Angeles: Actress Viola Davis thinks positive changes in the representation of diversity in Hollywood can come through “individuals contributions”.

The 51-year-old says the number of films with non-white actors in lead roles will only rise if everyone supports the cause in their own way, from cinema goers who can choose to see certain movies to studio officials who have the power to bring certain stories to the big screen, reports

“People talk about diversity and why are the Oscars so white? And what’s missing is the individuals’ contribution to changing it, you can’t change it without putting down your money to go and see one of those ‘so called’ diverse movies.

“And you can’t change it if you’re a studio executive and you’re not green lighting those stories. Because the talent is out there and the voices are out there,” Davis said.

The “Doubt” actress says she is grateful that her talent was spotted despite being far from the typical Hollywood stars and she is now determined to pass “the baton” to other minority actors.

“I’m 51, I’m an African-American actress of a certain hue and a certain size, all of those things, and I know I definitely would not have reached this point in my career without people who saw vision and the scope to see my talent and the different narratives that I could fit into.

“So that’s my way of giving back, of passing the baton onto other actors’ voices like me, because that’s the only way you’ll see change,” she said.