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Shruti Haasan Doesn’t Want to Follow the Musical Journey of Priyanka Chopra

Shruti Haasan released her new single ‘Edge’ recently. During an interview, the actress and singer said that she would not like to follow the path of Priyanka Chopra. She was answering a question from interviewer Faridoon Shahriyar who asked when the fans would get to see her making an international mark like PeeCee.

Shruti said, “No offense because I have great respect for Priyanka Chopra. Her musical journey is not the musical journey I want because she doesn’t sing anymore. You know what I mean. Honestly what I would like to explain to people is when we go to the West the sheer numbers we take with us because of the number of people watching, following us so long. ”

Furthermore, Shruti Haasan says, “We are a billion people. So the numbers can be misleading. There are offers from labels but that’s not the music I want to make. So God willing I will make a mark but not in the way people here expect me to be a success. For me to get success is to get musical credibility in a country outside or from an audience outside India.”

Shruti Wants Her Journey To Take Its Natural Course

Shruti  Haasan wants her musical journey to take its natural course and time. She believes that people should value the music and not the image that she as a person carries from here. When it comes to winning a Grammy the singer says that she believes in what Akshay Kumar said earlier- rewards not awards.

The actress would like to find spiritual peace with her music. She does not believe in appropriating Indian culture. Shruti says many times people who are offering her international labels want her to Indianize a particular song. She says, “We are a globalized culture and everything should come naturally. So there are so many parameters.”

Concept Behind Her New Single Edge

Revealing about her new song Edge Shruti says she wrote and shot it during the lockdown. The actress feels that lockdown has been a really productive time for her in terms of reconnecting with herself. Edge is a song based on a poem written by Shruti Haasan herself.

She named the song Edge because growth and true acceptance come from going to the edge of the things that make you comfortable. The song released globally yesterday on VH1. It is also available on the YouTube channel of the actress.


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