Pooja Misra alleges favouritism in Bigg Boss

Mumbai: Controversial `Bigg Boss` contestant Pooja Misra has alleged favouritism on the show for evicted model-actress Mahek Chahal, who is likely to make an entry into the house again on a wild card. As she allegedly kept picking up fights with everyone in the house, Pooja was labeled as `psycho`. Though she was evicted due to her violent behaviour, she claimed to have been wrongly projected and said everything was sensationalised.

She later entered the show as the Hindi translator for Australian all-rounder Andrew Symonds, who made an exit early this week. But talks of Mahek`s wild card entry seems to have agitated her again. "My eviction from the house on the grounds of me being violent was wrong and my second entry in Bigg Boss just proved that. Moreover, the wild card entry of Mahek into the house again is proof enough that there is favouritism happening in the house," Pooja told reporters here on Wednesday evening. Mahek was evicted from the show on December 11. Also, there were allegations by other contestants that she was favoured by the show`s host, Salman Khan. The 32-year-old has worked with Salman in films like `Wanted` and `Main Aurr Mrs Khanna`.

Meanwhile, flouting the rules of the show, that contestants are not allowed to organise any press conference before the finale, Pooja went ahead and send invitations to media saying she wants to expose Khan. When asked, if she was pressurised by producers to hold a press conference, Pooja says, "Yes, I was asked whether this conference is happening or not. They said it would be better if this is not arranged before December 24. But all the media personnel were invited so I couldn`t back out."

On the Mahek-Salman connection, Pooja said, "Mahek is definitely after him, I don`t know whether Salman is or not. Every conversation of her would have Salman`s name and because of this everyone in the house used to be scared of her. It was like everyone has to be good to her to survive the game." Pooja feels the footage where Mahek is seen excessively talking about Salman have been done away with. "She hasn`t been shown using his name persistently so I guess it is correct that the footage was edited," she said.

On whether she found any favouritism on the part of Salman, she said, "He is the host of the show and he only says what he is made to by the crew. As far as his behaviour is concerned he has always been very kind to everybody." Pooja even claimed that once she woke up on the show with a love bite.

"I was on medication inside the house, and heavily dozed off one night and was shocked to see a love bite on my body next morning. I was so angry and nervous going around asking who did that to me. Even the production team was not ready to give me an answer," Pooja said. "Amar is married and Siddharth is a kid. So, it must be Sky (Akashdeep Saigal)," she claimed.