Basyukta Basuprava

As viewers, one doesn’t realize the hazards a reporter is exposed to while s/he is in front of the camera. But some brave reporters take it in their stride and emerge unscratched from these ordeals.

Recently, In what may be one of the sweetest hazards a reporter had ever faced on camera, a dog grabbed the mic from a journalist while she was reporting and ran away, leaving the anchor and the viewers stunned.

A reporter in Russia, Ali Özkök posted a video on Twitter that went viral. In the video, journalist Nadezhda was reporting the live weather video when a plum Golden Retriever barged into the frame and teethed the mic away from her hands, and ran away. The news reporter tried to give the canine a chase while the cameraperson continued to film. While this pawsome incident left the viewers in splits, many had some hilarious defenses in justifying the show-stealer dog’s behavior.

"In Russia, dog interviews YOU" joked some users in the light of this hilarious blooper. One user commented, “Mic looks like a popsicle, who can blame the adorable dog?” While other joked, “Obviously microphones in Russia are made out of bacon,”

However, hazards are unpredictable when it comes to reporting on camera and can happen to anyone. In another video that went viral during Holi, one such incident came to light which wasn’t as adorable as the above-mentioned video but too hilarious to miss.

In the video, a reporter is talking to a bunch of people on bikes celebrating Holi. As he was going about in his job, a drunk person barges in between and touches his feet and leaves, and within seconds a kid crashed his bike on this journalist during a live broadcast on Holi. While it sounds much more serious than it was, the reporter emerged unharmed from the rabid crash without a cut only to spare laughter for his viewers.