Magic of Indian cinema in South Africa

New Delhi: The magic of Indian films from the silent era, the black and white golden oldies to contemporary cinema is set to be played out in South Africa.

The glitz and glamour associated with Indian films and the story of its evolution as seen by actors, producers, choreographers and those behind the scenes would be played out in "Journey of Indian Cinema" an exhibition-cum-live performances from July 21.

"We want the people of South Africa to experience the art and culture of India. Of course they are aware about Bollywood since many films are being released there but this exhibition takes them back to the origin of films in India," Rakesh Gupta, founder, Route2Roots the NGO organising the festival told PTI.

Bollywood posters, cutouts, mannequins sporting clothes and jewellery similar to ones seen in different films as well as a medley of film songs would be displayed at the travelling exhibition.

The exhibition, a part of Festival of India in South Africa 2011 organized by ICCR, Department of Arts and Culture republic of South Africa and High Commission of Pretoria, is set to be inaugurated on July 21 at Johannesburg and later move to Durban and Cape Town.

"An exclusive audio-visual film featuring actors like Shah Rukh Khan, Juhi Chawla, various producers, choreographers, set designers and other behind the scenes people would be screened," says Gupta.

Five Kathak dancers, disciples of Pandit Birju Maharaj will showcase the beginning of Kathak from Mughal era, depicting nine mudras on collage.

"It will be a fusion of Kathak navarasas to the tune of Bollywood music," says the organiser.

While no films would be screened, organisers say local theatre owners have expressed their willingness to be associated with the festival.

"In Durban area one local cinema theatre owner told us he would do a special screening of the upcoming Hritik Roshan film for us." says Gupta.

A hardbound coffee table book featuring the journey of Indian cinema would be distributed at the festival which will culminate on July 30.