Sangati Jogwar

Being a typical Punjabi from Kapoor family, Kareena Kapoor Khan loves to gorge on fried delicacies and sumptuous dishes. She accepts that it is difficult for her like every Kapoor to keep away from such temptations. But then the hourglass figure of the “Good Newwz” actress is a pointer towards how well she has managed to keep her cravings under control.

So what does Kareena Kapoor do the first thing in the morning? The actress drinks warm water with a few drops of lemon juice to make her system alkaline. For breakfast, she loves everything that is usually cooked in an Indian household including upma and poha when in India. Sometimes she also has eggs.

Kareena’s Cheat Meals And Guilty Pleasure

Like everyone, Kareena loves to indulge in pizzas, burgers, and fries as a part of her cheat meals. The actress does not like to order food from outside or even do not eat anything available on the set during lunch. She strictly eats home-cooked food so her lunch usually is dahi, dal, sabzi, roti.

As the actress says she loves to eat a very simple ‘Ghar ka khana.’ Dinner is also simple and cooked at home unless Saif Ali Khan, her dearest husband is cooking pasta or roasted chicken at home. Otherwise, she will eat a light khichdi for dinner. She usually tries to eat around 8 pm. Kareena Kapoor Khan proudly adds that her husband is a very good cook.

And when it comes to a guilty pleasure, The ‘Poo’ of Bollywood says that once in a while she loves to gorge on a delicious chocolate cake. So which food should you eat to keep fit and lean? According to Kareena, simple food that is cooked in your kitchen at home is best for your tummy and enough to keep those extra calories off.