Sangati Jogwar

Ileana D’Cruz is going through a post-breakup phase and naturally, she is quite vulnerable and emotional at this stage. But the actress recently showed how mature she is at handling such delicate situations in personal life. Amid all the rumors about her breakup with her alleged husband Andrew Kneebone and questions about her virginity on the social media, the sagacious Ileana recently posted several posts that give a hint about the difficult times she is going through.

Ileana Says Learn To Love Yourself

In her post credited to The Good Quote Instagram account, the “Barfi” actress writes, “Yes. In life, you’re going to lose friends, family & partners, but no matter who walks out of your life, never lose yourself. The most important things to learn how to do is to love yourself when u feel unloved by those around u & be there for yourself when you feel like u have no one.”

This post is followed by another interesting snippet which talks about a brief exchange between mind, soul, and heart. The actress even mentions that this post has been stolen from Athiya Shetty.

The reports about the breakup of Andrew and Ileana triggered off when the two reportedly unfollowed each other on social media. The “Main Tera Hero” actress deleted almost all her posts with her supposed husband from her timeline. Although both of them never talked about their relationship, Ileana always referred to Andrew as her hubby.

The actress is quite disturbed because people are being unnecessarily harsh to Andrew which Ileana thinks is unfair. According to Ileana, it is unfair to be unnecessarily harsh to her ex just because she is a celebrity. The approach and attitude of Ileana despite going through a breakup is quite praiseworthy. Instead of sulking and being negative about Andrew, Ileana has chosen to be calm, composed and stand by Andrew despite their fallout.