Mumbai: Iranian filmmaker Majid Majidi, whose first Indian film "Beyond The Cluds", stars newcomer Ishaan Khatter, actor Shahid Kapoor's younger brother and Malavika Mohanan, says that actress Deepika Padukone was not called for the casting of the film.

During the trailer launch of the film on Monday, Majidi told media here: "We did not call Deepika for the casting of the film but putting her in a situation to the get the essence of the story... Unfortunately, we could not collaborate on the film. We would like to thank her and hope to collaborate in near future," he said.

Asked if he was tempted to cast any Bollywood superstar in his first Indian film?

Majidi told media here: "I have worked with many professional actors in past but for this film, it was important to find a new face. I know in Indian film industry it is driven by more famous faces but I think there should be a relation between the character of the story and the person who is playing the character, I mean the actor."

"In this film, they were the best choice. Having said that, in future, I will do that too," he added.

On opting to make an Indian film, Majidi said: "I think I have learnt a lot about Indian culture through Indian films, especially the work of legendary director Satyajit Ray. So, it was my dream to make a film in his land India. As a filmmaker, his viewpoint, his style of storytelling is always very important for me. That was one of the main reason and motivation for me to make a film in India."

Known for helming films which address socio-political situations, Majidi said that he "always emphasises on human value".

"I always try to focus on that in my film. Cinema is completely different from a newspaper, magazine and other forms of media. In one film, we might just talk about a particular social or political issue but the next day, (when the issue is resolved) people could completely forget about it. But the value human life under a situation should be in focus that lasts longer as a story," he said.

Citing his film "Children of Haven" as an example, Majidi said that a few days back "one eight-year-old boy came to me when I was travelling by flight and said that he loved the film, watched it three times. So I think in cinema, it is the matter of communication."

"Beyond the Clouds" is scheduled to release on March 23.