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Bigg Boss not big push to career: Pooja

Mumbai: Actress Pooja Bedi, who is best known for her act in `Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikander`, says, a reality show like `Bigg Boss`, does not necessarily give dramatic push to the careers of the participants.

Actress-cum-reality TV star Bedi, is one of the celebrity contestants in the fifth season of `Big Boss` that kick started from October 2.

"People, who come to `Bigg Boss` to look for work, should not come to the show then…because you don`t get work generated out of `Bigg Boss`. I do not think anyone should use this show as a platform or as a career move because I don`t think that out of this show, anyone has been given a career," Pooja told PTI in an interview.

She added, "Look at Rahul Roy or Shweta Tiwari…she was as successful as she is today. There is no dramatic surge or jump in your career. Apart from few people, who have benefited like Rakhi Sawant…who have come out and made a career but that is because of her own initiative that took her to certain level."

"I think one must not get into the show thinking as a great career move…it is a great social experiment. It is just that people across India get to see you as you are and there is a lot of warmth generated between the masses and you as they follow you…vote for you…there is a closeness that is built," she said.

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