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Bigg Boss 5 a platform to explore challenges

Mumbai: Alleging that her husband has been kept as a "hostage" in a Kathmandu prison, Nihita Biswas, the Nepali wife of serial killer Charles Sobhraj, has revealed that she is participating in the reality show `Bigg Boss 5` to explore new challenges in life.

"The government over there (Nepal) is against us. They are not allowing us…giving us a fair trial. They are not accepting our legal petition. We are just demanding a fair trial. It is a basic thing that we are asking for. The government has illegally taken him (Sobhraj) into custody. He has been illegally convicted. He has been kept as a hostage in an illegal place. We would challenge the verdict in other court," Nihita told PTI in an interview.

Sobhraj, who is of Indian and Vietnamese origin, has many monikers like `the serpent` and `the bikini killer and alleged to have committed at least 12 murders throughout Southeast Asia during the 70`s, targetting mostly the Western tourists.

He has been behind bars in a Kathmandu prison since 2003 and fighting a legal battle in three courts there with each of them convicting him in connection with the murder of an American tourist in 1975.

Nihita, 22, shot to fame three years ago when she reportedly married Sobhraj in Kathmandu prison claiming she had fallen in love with him.

Nihita said she agreed to participate in the fifth season of the reality show `Bigg Boss` to explore new challenges in life.

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