Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

Seems, showcasing talent is not the only way for the channels to get TRPs... Controversies have become something on which reality shows thrive on. Among the many reality shows- Bigg Boss is one of popular shows on the small screen with a distinguished set of audience. Bigg Boss started in Hindi version and for its popularity, Bigg Boss also started in Telugu and Tamil version with host Nagarjuna and Kamal Hassan respectively.

Now coming to the topic, the fresh allegation surrounding the house of controversy- Bigg Boss is about casting couch. Yes, you got it right! And one of the 'unexpectedly' evicted contestants of the reality show has brought such serious allegation.

Though this time the controversy is not within the house or about the show, the fresh controversy of casting couch has been raised by one of the evicted contestants Rohini Reddy from Bigg Boss 3 (Telugu) hosted by Superstar Nagarjuna. After Rohini was shown the door, she spoke in an interview that she even had faced instance of casting couch.

As Rohini said, when she was an aspiring television actress she had auditioned for a serial to play a comic character and got selected but the manager of the serial had allegedly called her and insisted her to 'stay committed' to which she had given a nod.

Later, Rohini came to know that "being committed" meant something like sexual favour. After learning about the truth, Rohini walked away from the project and also had advised other aspirants to be aware of such people in the glamour industry.

It is notable to mention, Shwetha Reddy and Gayathri Gupta had also brought allegations of casting couch against the crew of Bigg Boss 3 (Telugu) a few weeks back.

In every season of Bigg Boss in all languages, we have got smell of controversies erupting in some or the other way. Even audiences have witnessed several crazy instances on-screen and off-screen. Though the controversies in Bigg Boss 12 hosted by Salman Khan is comparably low, the controversies in Bigg Boss 3 (Telugu and Tamil) seems to be sprouting unabated.

We hope, Bigg Boss shows will keep entertaining the audience keeping aside the controversies with pure entertainment.

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