Sangati Jogwar

Bigg Boss 13 is now divided into two. There are two obvious teams- one that favors Sidharth Shukla whereas the one that favors Paras Chhabra. Both these participants are very strong and they have a lot of support both inside and outside the house of Bigg Boss. Recent developments suggest that ever since the contestants completed the ticket to the finale task, this division has grown very strongly.

And with Sidharth and Paras always fighting with each other the housemates are forced to take the side of one or the other.

Sidharth Supporters Unearth An Old Video

Just as there are housemates inside the Bigg Boss house supporting Sidharth Shukla, outside the house are his fans who are making sure that the “Balika Vadhu” actor wins at all costs. That is why some of the Paras Chhabra haters recently unearthed a video of Sunny Leone that says that Paras Chhabra harassed the “Baby doll” when she was a part of the “Splitsvilla 8” reality show in 2015.

Now that is too old a video, but Sidharth supporters believe that it will reveal that the tendency of Paras has always been the same and he does not deserve to win. According to reports, in 2015, Paras was accused of making Sunny uncomfortable by getting too close to her during the “Splitsvilla 8” shooting.

According to a leading daily, Paras tried everything possible to impress Sunny from being very close to her to sharing silly jokes all through the show. It was all okay at the start, but when the actions of Paras crossed limits, Sunny complained about him to the production house. She even requested the production house not to call Paras for the launch of the show.

All these allegations were refuted by Paras back then who said that since he underwent an operation for pilonidal sinus and was advised bed rest by doctors he was absent during the launch of the show. Well, whatever the truth may be but it is sure to bring suspicion on Paras Chhabra and Sidharth Shukla might benefit from this.