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Big B comfortable with todays youth

Mumbai: Megastar Amitabh Bachchan, who at 68 can give young stars a run for their money, says he was comfortable with the temperament of today`s youth.

The Bollywood legend says he is sympathetic to their causes provided they remain within certain parameters.

"I enjoy the enthusiasm of today`s youth and just being in their company," he said.

According to him, today`s generation is brighter, keen to succeed, fast and use cryptic language.

"We have to move with changing times. I find myself way beyond the average age of the film sets which is 25 and I am close to 70. I like listening to what they say, clothes they wear. I enjoy being in their company and this happens just naturally to me," he said.

Bachchan said he had decided much before Abhishek was born that if he had a son, he would be his friend.

"The day he started wearing my shoes, I started treating him as a friend. As a father, I am concerned about him, look after him and advice him. But, we talk as friends. My father was a man of letters. The relationship I shared with my father and that I have now with Abhishek is different. My father was a man of letters. One always saw him on his desk busy with work. So there was a natural distance because we wanted to leave him to his creativity," he said.

On his grandchildren, he said his 13-year-old grand daughter Navya Naveli was like a `grandmother` to him.

"If I have problems with my computer or phone, eight-year-old Agaystya fixes it with ease. Today`s generation is way ahead," he said.

Bachchan, who will next be seen in `Bbuddah Hoga Tera Baap` that releases on July 1, said it was not proper to link an actor`s personal life with the character he plays on screen.

"Bbuddah is a character and in real life, I am what I am.

Puri Jagannath`s story was very interesting and I decided to co-produce it as well," he recalled.

On his role in the film, Bachchan said his character Viju is an ex-gangster who lives in Paris. "He runs a club in Paris and is called to Mumbai for a mission," he said.

He said Ramgopal Varma had introduced Puri Jagannath to him.

"I saw Puri`s Telugu film `Pokhiri` which was remade in HIndi as Salman Khan`s `Wanted` and liked it," he added.

According to him, Puri was like a fan and admirer which some times became awkward.

He told me that he wished to see me in the manner I look in `Bbuddah…`.

When asked about his loud and jazzy style of dressing in the film, Bachchan said the look was in sync with the character.

"Viju, the ex-gangster living in Paris is flamboyant, colourful, brash and arrogant. The look was designed after considering all aspects of the character`s personality. I too gave some creative inputs," he said.

Bachchan said `Bbuddah….` has been produced at a limited budget of Rs 10.5 crore and the satellite rights have already been sold at Rs 14.5 crore.

"We have recovered the production cost which is important these days. Films do not fail, it is the cost and pricing which flops," the actor said.

He said the film`s title `Bbuddah Hoga Tera Baap` was not a slang. "Its just a phrase commonly used. I have never used vulgar words or done explicit scenes on screen since I am not comfortable with it," he said.

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