Akky turns marriage counsellor for Thank You

New Delhi: He has played the compulsive flirt and casanova in most of his movies but in a role reversal, Akshay Kumar will be seen as a marriage counsellor in his upcoming movie `Thank You`.

Akshay will help the ladies catch their cheating husbands in this Anees Bazmee movie.

It`s an unusual for Akshay. He was shocked when Anees came to him and narrated the role of Raj, who is a marriage counsellor for wives whose husbands are cheating on them. As he has mostly played the role of a flirt in his movies before," says a source close to Akshay.

"The intention behind Akshay`s behavior and whether he`s married or not is the surprise in the film. The men hate him while the women love him as he reveals to them the signs and statements of a cheating man and how to catch him red-handed. He comes to educate the women and make them wiser," the source added.