Agnivesh to address social cause in Bigg Boss

Mumbai: Social activist Swami Agnivesh, the latest entrant in controversial television reality show `Bigg Boss`, says he would use this opportunity to promote and create awareness on social issues including corruption.

"I do feel the show can provide me a platform to talk, discuss and create awareness on several social issues like corruption, casteism, gender inequality, women development and others. I feel the urban youth of this country can make a difference..and they must be tapped. Hence I want to spread my message to them.. so I am on this show," Agnivesh told PTI in an interview.

The saffron-clad activist was in the eye of a storm soon after Anna Hazare`s hunger strike, when a video surfaced in which he was seen talking to an unidentified person asking him to deal strongly with the Gandhian. This led to his fall out with Team Anna. He is the fifth male contestant to join the gang of girls in `Big Boss`, which is into its fifth season.

When asked if he has been watching the show, he said, "I have watched three-four episodes after I received the offer from the channel. I feel the contestants must rise above all this gossip and fight…and I would try to bring all of them closer and make them aware about their responsibilities towards the nation."

"When I got this offer, I asked for feedback on whether I should participate in the show or not. Lot of them told, it is unfit for me. But I took it up as a challenge as I wanted to engage everyone on socially relevant issues," he said.

Agnivesh will stay put in the Lonavala house, where contestants are locked for three months and are under camera surveillance 24 X 7.