Aamir was once scared of Holi

Mumbai: Actor Aamir Khan is a Holi-boy: he was born on the day of Holi.

But the versatile actor was once scared of the festival of colours, he says.

"Many are not aware that I was born on the day of Holi — 14 March, 1965. Ammi (Mother) had told me that when I was born, the nurse had come and put some colour on my face.

But as a child, I was always scared of Holi, because of colourful faces and the noise that people make while playing Holi. So I stayed at home," Aamir says.

The 46-year-old actor lost the fear of colours and boisterous celebration once he entered his teens.

"After I turned 14-15, I was no more scared, and started playing Holi. We still celebrate Holi, with family and close friends," says Aamir.

Incidentally, one of his first films as a professional actor was titled Holi, which came out in 1984. It was directed by Ketan Mehta.