Odishatv Bureau

Bhubaneswar: Taking cognizance of the alleged mismanagement from question leak to discrepancies in evaluation process during board exams, the Council of Higher Secondary Education (CHSE), Odisha is letting no stone unturned to ensure a smooth functioning of the examination process this year.

CHSE has released an important notification for all Supervisors of Valuation Zones about installation of CCTV in Valuation Zones.

"In order to enforce strict rules and regulations in the valuation process, and to ensure safety, security and timely completion of the entire process of valuation you are requested to take the following steps positively by 15.03.2019 and report compliance to the Controller of Examinations immediately thereafter," the release of the CHSE read.

It further said:

  1. The entire Valuation Zone, both on-line & off-line, must be under complete CCTV surveillance. The strong room, where the answer scripts (both unvalued and valued), mark foils, Examiners' reports and other important documents are stored, should come under CCTV surveillance right from the time the very first answer script packet is received at the Valuation Zone.

All evaluation halls, where actual valuation and coding are done, must remain under CCTV surveillance. The CCTV footage for the entire period of valuation be preserved for future inspection. The CCTV system so installed should have internet connectivity so that the same could be linked with the Council office for real-time monitoring.

  1. Please go through the Valuation Zone Manual for AHSE 2019 issued by the Council and start appointment of Valuation Zone personnel early. Please let all the Valuation Zone personnel go through the Manual.
  2. Please make it absolutely clear to the Valuation Zone personnel that they are individually and collectively responsible for the answer scripts. The answer scripts received must be stored systematically, bundled for valuation, unbundled after valuation work and stored again in such systematic manner that soon after receipt of indent from the Council, re-addition/ Court case/ RTI related answer scripts could be provided without any loss of time.

These instructions must be followed in true spirit, and deviations shall be seriously viewed, it added.