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Covid19 India march: month of March posts 14000% rise, Odisha picture clear by month end!

The country recorded only 3 nCoV positives in Feb. The count stood at 425 as on Mar 23. Local transmission share at 44% now is higher than imported cases. Covid-19 suspects in hospital isolation rise to 35 in Odisha today

Bhubaneswar: Even as the debate over whether the novel coronavirus has attained or not the level of community transmission in India continues, the evolving Covid-19 hard numbers in the country have a tale to tell.

A turning point in the Covid-19 numbers has been witnessed in the month of March, when the novel coronavirus positive cases in the country posted a sharp rise of 14,006 per cent vis-a-vis February.

Only 3 positive cases in February 2020. But as on today (Mar 23), the Covid-19 positive cases have taken a big leap to touch 425. Even, in the month of March, the biggest spike in cases is observed during the week of March 16-23.

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Consider this. During the period of Mar 1 -15, the country had recorded 107 positive cases. And the count of active or hospitalised cases stood at 83. The total Covid-19 cases recovered stood at 21. And Covid-19 mortalities stood at 3.

Now, spot the contrast. In the short span of nearly a week’s time (Mar 16-23), the total novel coronavirus positives zoomed to touch a massive 314. Even, the count of active patients has posted a swift spike to touch 309. The death toll in 7-days has been 5. And the cases of recovery stood at nil.

The big worrying trend observed in last 7-days is, local Covid-19 cases account for a share of a massive 44 per cent of total positive cases; whereas the share of imported cases dropped to 34 per cent.

In contrast, the share of imported cases was 100 per cent in February. During the period of Mar 1 – 15, the share stood at a high of 74 per cent of total cases.

A new trend observed during the week of Mar 16 – 23 is, country has recorded a total of 67 positive cases or around 21 per cent of total Covid-19 positives, where the source of infection is yet to be traced.

It’s these numbers that are fuelling the debate over Covid-19 having attained the level of community transmission in India.

In order to address the evolving Covid-19 trend in India, the country’s apex medical research body, Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR), will be releasing the epidemiological situation of Covid-19 in India tomorrow (Tuesday). The findings are eagerly awaited upon, as the top research body will also share the mathematical model of the Covid-19 situation in India, which will make a presentation on the evolving Covid-19 scenario in the country.

Odisha Scenario   

Even as the State has till date recorded only 2 confirmed Covid-19 cases, the looming threat over Odisha is the rise in cases of hospital isolation. Today, as many as 35 are in hospital isolation in Odisha, which is 7 more than yesterday.

As per Covid-19 guidelines, hospital isolation is recommended only when the concerned person, who may either be a foreign returnee or have come in contact with Covid-19 positive, exhibits a flu or pneumonia or Acute Respiratory Infection (ARI) like symptoms.

It needs mentioning here is till 12 PM today, 85 samples have been tested and no new positive case has been detected.

A look at the spread of the Covid-19 across the countries shows, it acquires speed of transmission after 4-weeks. And in Odisha, it’s only a week’s time post detection of first Covid-19 positive.

The big takeaway, therefore, is real Covid-19 positive scenario in Odisha will be clear on March 30-31 only.

Keeping the history of disease in mind, the Odisha govt has announced a series of pro-active measures to contain the spread of the disease. For instance, when only two cases detected in Bhubaneswar (Khurda district), CM Naveen announced lockdown in 14 districts.

In contrast, Maharashtra and Kerala declared lockdown when the novel coronavirus count crossed the double digit mark.

The result: Maharashtra topped the country today with a count of 89 positive cases and Kerala followed with 67 cases. Delhi has recorded 30 cases, and lockdown was announced yesterday.  

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