Vikash Sharma

Bhubaneswar: In a bid to ensure that the supply chain remains unaffected and people do not face problems during the extended lockdown imposed to check the spread of COVID-19, Odisha government has come up with a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for smooth movement of goods, labour and opening of vehicle repair shops.

In a letter to all district Collectors, Municipal Commissioners and Twin City Police Commissioner, Special Relief Commissioner (SRC) Pradeep Jena asked the officials to ensure free and uninterrupted movement of labour and in ‘non-hotspots districts multiple vehicle repair, battery, spare parts shops at a single location but not contiguous shall be allowed to open on all days’.

Grant of passes by police and district administration is not a feasible option for such large workforce. On the other side, free movement of all people will compromise the sanctity of lockdown. Hence, the following Standard Operating Procedures for free movement of labour and keeping transport logistics arrangements should be followed, wrote Jena.

1. Free Movement Of Labour

The identity cards issued by the concerned companies will be treated as a valid document for workers. The permitted business/ shop owners may issue paper document containing the name and other details of the employee/ labourer. Free movement of labourers who are on foot and bi-cycle may be allowed.

If any entity/organization, as permitted in the above-mentioned guidelines desires to move their workers to their warehouse/worksite, they can transport them in passenger vehicles limiting to 40% of the approved seating capacity maintaining social distancing norms.

Such vehicle shall be moving from Point to Point with no picking of passengers en-route. It is clarified that no person shall be allowed to either board or alight en-route between the starting point and destination point of the journey.

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For obtaining passes for passenger vehicles, concerned Business entity/Contractor will apply to the Collector/RTO of the district /concerned authority in Municipal areas. The Commissioner, Bhubaneswar-Cuttack Police Commisionerate may also issue pass for the purpose.

Dhabas located on National Highways/ State Highways will remain open to provide only take away food. The will provide toilet facilities maintaining hygiene and social distancing.

Where the inter-district movement of labourers is required, the contractor shall specifically approach the Collector of the district from where labourers are to be moved, for necessary permission for transportation of labourers following the MHA guidelines in this regard. Such labourers, upon such transportation, shall be provided on-site accommodation by the Contractor.

2. Vehicle, Battery & Tyre Repair Shops

In non-hotspot districts multiple vehicle repair, battery, spare part shops at a single location but not contiguous shall be allowed to open on all days. Concerned Collectors/ Municipal Commissioners of the non-hotspot districts/ Municipal Corporations will regulate on the opening of such shops and duration of their opening and numbers.

In order to prevent congregation and ensure proper social distancing, single locations having more than 5 contiguous shops shall not be allowed to open till the lockdown period is over.

The provisions contained herein shall not apply to a containment zone as notified from time to time.

The Collector and the Chairman, District Disaster Management Authority (DDMA) / Municipal Commissioners may impose any restriction as may be required to prevent the spread of Coronavirus.

In the districts designated as Red and Orange category,  opening of such shops, their scale and numbers will be decided by Collectors and Municipal Commissioners in case of Municipal Corporation areas taking into account the local conditions. The Collectors may be liberal,in permission in areas which are beyond the affected/hotspot areas.

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