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Odisha Covid-19 Lockdown: Twin City Police Commissioner Urges For Cooperation

Bhubaneswar: In these dire situations, social distancing is the key to ensure that things do not go out of hand. This has led to unprecedented clampdowns & lockdowns to keep people at their homes to contain the spread of the Coronavirus. However, adherence to such lockdowns in Odisha has been sketchy and what is so very disconcerting is the fact that such stray instances could render the whole exercise futile with grave consequences.

In view of that, the Police Commissioner of Bhubaneswar-Cuttack (Twin City), Sudhanshu Sarangi today urged the residents, especially those in villages and slums to stay indoors as much as possible and maintain social distancing. In a tweet, Sarangi said that it is quite difficult for police to check everyone and ensure that they are following the guidelines. Hence, I urge for cooperation and everybody should ensure that they do not move out unless and until there is a dire need. Moreover, residents should ensure that children are not allowed to roam outside, he requested.

Earlier yesterday while speaking to OTV about the violations of lockdown, Sarangi said that stern action is being taken and people are being booked for such violations.

Using stern words Sarangi had said “You are not fooling police, but you are fooling yourselves. People violating the norms are not only enemy of police, but also of the whole nation as they are putting so many live in danger.”

Such violations of lockdown have resulted in police action and over a dozen people have been booked for flouting the guidelines.

Currently, social distancing is the only way to curb the spread of the virus which has a potential to wreak havoc on the health infrastructure. A recently published study by ICMR estimated that strictly implemented social distancing measures such as home quarantine of symptomatics & suspected cases will reduce the overall expected number of cases by 62% & peak number of cases by 89%.

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