Odishatv Bureau

Puri: Lakhs of devotees thronged the Grand Road of the city to witness the rituals of the Snana Purnima today. The Trinity have been seated on the bathing altar or Snana Bedi and servitors are getting them ready for the divine bath.

Snana Purnima

Servitors are getting the deities Lord Balabhadra, Lord Jagannath and Goddess Subhadra ready by invoking themSnana Purnima with an Alati and changing their clothes and performing purification rites called Abakasa Niti. The other arrangements have also been made to begin the divine bathing for Snana Yatra.

Snana Purnima

Devotees with passes have queued up to get a glimpse of the Trinity on the Snana Mandap. While some devotees have dressed up as dancers some can be seen enacting mythological characters to express their devotion to Lord Jagannath in unique ways.


Earlier, Pahandi or procession of ‘Chaturdha Murti’ was completed as part of the auspicious bathing festival or Deba Snana Purnima Yatra at Srimandir amid thousands of devotees in the pilgrim city.

Snana Purnima

The holy Trinity were brought one by one by the temple servitors in the dhadi pahandi to the ‘Snana Bedi’ or bathing altar following the deity Sudarsan.

Lord Balabhadra first reached the Snana Bedi and was followed by Devi Subhadra and Lord Jagannath.

As per the rituals, the holy Trinity will be accorded a bath in 108 pitchers of aromatic water. The bathing ritual is a precursor to the Rath Yatra. The Snana Yatra coincides with ‘purnima’ of Hindu month ‘Jyeshtha’.

Meanwhile, keeping in view of the congregation of large number of devotees, the district administration deployed 45 platoons of police to maintain law and order. Besides, six CCTV cameras have been installed near the bathing altar.