• Wednesday, October 04, 2023
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Aries Daily Horoscope June 1: Promotion likely, hard work will pay off at workplace

Astrologer : Deepak Acharya,

Here is the daily astrological prediction for Aries, the first astrological sign in the zodiac. Learn what you can expect today.

Ashwini - Don't worry too much about your health. Happiness will come from any family member in the house. You will get good results from your hard work at the workplace and will succeed in getting a higher position.

Dwija - Investing in the business sector will lead to prosperity and relief from all worries. It is essential for students to continue to work hard and focus on their studies.

Krutika – You may spend more amount of money from your income on social and charitable causes. You may purchase a high-class vehicle. May plan to meet with your close friends during your free time.

Auspicious Color : Red
Auspicious Day : Tuesday & Thursday
Inauspicious Day : Sunday
Gemstone : Coral
Ghata Naxatra : Magha
Ghata Chandra : Shree Chandra
Ghata Tithi : Pratipada, Sasthi, Ekadashi
God : Suryadev, Lord Nurshingha
Goddess : Goddess Bagalamukhi
Lucky Numbers : 1, 3 & 9
Rudraksha : Wear Panchamukhi rudraksha

Rasi Remedy : Feed bread to dogs


They are usually tall and strong. Their eyes are often bloodshot. Even though they have beautiful face, their nails are ugly. Many people have black spots on their faces. They are often diagnosed with neurological diseases, blood defects, liver diseases, and arthritis.

Job & Business

These zodiacs re mostly employed in the police, military, dentists, or defense departments. If in medical field they make a name for themselves as Good surgeons. They also get success in the field of politics. Mining, arms trade, stone trade, sports goods business, furniture business, security business, among others are suitable business for these zodiacs.

Conjugal Life

Since they are very much in love, many of them manage to enjoy conjugal bliss before marriage. They cannot bear if they see their boyfriend or husband and girlfriend or wife in the company of other friends. Mainly because of suspicion, there are many times of quarrels in their married life. Many times, thinking about the past, there is complacency in married life. So, if you are careful


They are very ambitious, brave, charitable, helpful in all fields, and are known as fierce in defeating enemies. They never want to be dominated. But due to their rebellion, they often have to face conflict. They don't get along well with their brothers. They are afraid of deep water.

Lifepartner & Marriage

People of this zodiac sign love their life partner sincerely. They are fierce in love. The Aries zodiac sign is highly compatible with Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Scorpion, Sagittarius, and Pisces. Aries will have a good married life if they married these zodiacs.

Financial Condition

Even if they earn enough money, they often do not become rich. Because they spend unnecessarily for others. Self-acquired wealth is often not enjoyed by themselves.

Friends & foes

The can make friends easily and strengthen their relationship in a short period of time. Others long for their friendship. If their friends are in difficulty they will go to any extent to help them. If someone is hostile to them, they cannot breathe in peace until they defeat their enemy. But if an enemy surrenders before them they easily forgive them.

Family Life

They often stay away from their mother but are very devoted to their father and mother. There are many conflicts between siblings. They want to be independent and strong enough to stand on their own feet. Their children's fame is seen in establishing themselves in the society as complete individuals. about this and communicate with your life partner, you can live an ideal married life.

Aim in Life

They are always careful to reach the top of the target. They are interested in helping the innocent, the poor, the neglected, the destitute. They have a strong belief in their physical strength. They earn a lot of respect and popularity through hard work and become known as a well-known person in the society.