Horoscope for December 2: Good or bad, Check full day predictions for all these zodiacs

Eager to find out what the stars have in store for you today? To know anything related to career, financial growth, family life, events etc that may unfold on December 2nd, check out the astrological predictions for all the zodiac signs.



Friday 02 Dec 2022

Magha: You will go through mental fatigue. Long prevailing family dispute will come to an end. You may get a higher position in job.

Purbafalguni: Profit and loss in business will be nearly same. You will take up some important work in politics.

Uttarafalguni: You will be able to repay your debt, if any. Students will acheieve success in examinations or competitions.

Remedy – May put on Mahakavach of Shri Matangi

Lucky color :Orange

Lucky number :1