Wife of Malaysian PM launches bhangra album

Kuala Lumpur: A new music album by a two-member ethnic Indian Sikh Bhangra band was launched by Rosmah Mansor, wife of Malaysian Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak here, as the album saw a simultaneous release in several other countries including India.

Karaatz was released by Goldkartz, a local Malaysian Bhangra band which consists of brothers Manjit Singh and Sukhjit Gill.

The two Malaysian Indians made their debut in the Urban Bhangra music scene in 2008 with their first album "Loaded".

Goldkartz released their sophomore album simultaneously in Malaysia, India, Britain, Europe, Canada and the United States yesterday.

In her speech, Rosmah said she was pleased with the efforts put in by Goldkartz to further popularise bhangra music at both local and international scenes.

She said it would pave the way for other Malaysian artistes to strive harder to make it big in the international music arena.

"Goldkartz`s effort truly manifested the spirit of Malaysia Boleh (Malaysia can), where everyone can succeed provided they work hard and are committed to achieving success," she said.

Rosmah added that music transcends barriers, skin colour and creed and connects all of us.