UNSC needs to focus on peace, security:India

United Nations: Highlighting the need for reform of the UN Security Council, India has said it is important that the top body concentrate its time and efforts in dealing with issues of global peace and security rather than encroach upon the mandate of the General Assembly.

Participating in the 8th round of Inter-governmental Negotiations on UNSC reform, India`s Permanent Representative to the UN Hardeep Singh Puri said the working methods of the Security Council need to be improved not only for those who are not on the Council but also for those who are on it.

There are a number of examples "which show that the Security Council working style, its working methods leave much to be desired, sometimes even for permanent members," Puri said. "The Council should concentrate its time and efforts on dealing with issues concerning its primary responsibility of international peace and security as mandated by the UN Charter, rather than encroaching upon the mandate of the General Assembly," he said.

He said if the UN would wait for the five permanent members to come on board on Security Council reform, "we will be here till the next century because the P5, who are permanent members by virtue of a decision taken more than six decades ago, are unlikely to easily reconcile to a reformed Council."

Puri said there are important differences among the five permanent members. He said the Council`s consideration of issues should be rationalised so that they do not come for consideration so often and routinely as to bog down the limited time that the Council has at its disposal.

He added that non-members must be given systematic access to subordinate organs of the UNSC, including the right to participate. Puri also suggested that participation of troop and police contributing countries in decision making of peacekeeping operations must cover the establishment, conduct, review and termination of peacekeeping operations, including the extension and change of mandates.