Special security at Pak SC for Gilani appearance

Islamabad: Special security arrangements have been put in place in Pakistan`s Supreme Court for today`s appearance by Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani to respond to a contempt notice issued to him failing to reopen graft cases against the President.

Gilani is set to appear before a seven-judge bench headed by Justice Nasir-ul-Mulk today morning. The Supreme Court said it had made special arrangements for security, proper decorum and smooth functioning of the court.

These arrangements include special security cameras that have been installed in court rooms and at entry gates and reception areas and special passes to regulate access to the court complex. Even journalists who regularly cover Supreme Court proceedings will be allowed to enter with passes.

Interior Minister Rehman Malik on Wednesday reviewed security arrangements on the eve of the premier`s appearance in the court. He chaired a high-level meeting during which he instructed the Islamabad Police chief to stop general traffic in the Red Zone, a high-security area in the heart of the city, from midnight till proceedings are over in the court.

Malik ordered police to maintain three cordons of security around the Supreme Court. The entry will be manned by the Supreme Court Security Police personnel and the outer cordons will be the responsibility of police and paramilitary personnel.